Why Are So Many People Not Financially Free?

Money & Shackles

To start off this blog, I will mention a common problem: why there is not a vast percentage of the population that is financially free. We hear about the 1% at the top and the few who control the many. We see images of kids and teens on the beach with a laptop and a margarita while they bask in the sunlight. Many imagine that only to be kept to a select few, while the rest are forced to drink coffee in the cubicle. A very dismal scene, indeed, for those who have spent decades in the same cubicle. Now, what if it were possible to work without having to be forced to a single location? What if it were possible to make more money that your current job and have the ability to be anywhere in the world? Now, this would open up people’s minds of remote work. Basically, it is a 9 to 5 from any place you want to be in the world. This is a step up for many people, who would enjoy leaving the cubicle to then work at home. Now, what if I could tell you that is possible to enjoy this type of life and even better? The next question is “How could it be better from working from home?” I, Guy, am here to tell you that you can have this and more if you expand your mind further than the 9 to 5 mindset. You can actually make more money, work less hours, and be anywhere you want in the world. This term is called financial freedom. In order for you to enjoy your life on another level, you must have financial freedom. The reason I say must, is because until you are not tied down by money to any career path, you will be biased to say you enjoy something, especially if it is your sole line of work.

The Dream Lifestyle

Even though it may sound ludicrous, I put the test to myself as a sales manager or a lawyer. It is no surprise that a lawyer makes a large sum of money in terms of income, somewhere in the range of six figures. Now, would there be as many lawyers that I know if they did not have to worry about money? If they had all the money they could ever need, would they still be lawyers? Only they can answer for themselves, and I would be safe to bet they would seriously reconsider working at their positions. I put myself to the test. I was a sales manager of a car lot. I enjoyed the work, even though I made a $30,000 a year. I was definitely worth way, way more than that, because I am priceless, because I am worth something to my Lord Jesus Christ. Now, I was able to afford more than my $30,000, because I could sell cars. I know how to talk to people, and it showed with my salary of excess of $200,000 at the ripe young age of 20. Now, this is not to brag. I am here to say that I enjoyed that line of work, and if I had the money to do not need a job, I would still be in sales, maybe not car sales, because I enjoy talking to people. I like to pick brains and talk to people on personal levels, which translates itself not just into cars; it translates into life.


To battle any curiosity, I do stay in sales. I just do my sales through this blog by showing myself and selling you on an idea of a better life. I sell you on becoming a better you, which includes being financially free.


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