Why I Value Financial Freedom


My View of Freedom

Contrary to popular opinion, I value financial freedom, because I am forced to learn and grow to become a better person to earn larger sums of money. To be straight forward, it is not hard to earn money when you learn how to attract money to you. For example, when people by products from my blog, they are really buying products from me. People do not want to really just buy the products. In a sense, yes they are buying the product. I like to correlate with people buying a product from me to the analogy of them buying a product from Robert or Kim Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad and Rich Woman corporations. When I choose to purchase products from them, I am buying them, not only the product. The product is great, because I know they are the thinkers behind them, and I respect them as people. They piqued my mind toward financial freedom and have led me along the way to my current thoughts of money. They are by no means the only people that influence me. They simply got the ball rolling for my path toward financial independence.

To go further, I enjoy financial freedom, because of the learning, as I stated earlier. Because I am able to read and learn, I become a better person in general. For example, because of my desire to learn, I got to read Earl Nightengale’s Lead the Field, which is a fine example of becoming a better person to obtain more money and become a leader in general. Because only having a lot of money is one part of the equation, it is necessary to be a leader, so you can have influence. It is nice to learn what it means to be able to effectively work with people and lead them, just as Kim and Robert Kiyosaki have led me to become one of their followers. I am not afraid to say I am a fan of Kim and Robert. Have I met them? Not at all. However, they have impacted me in such a positive way that I am immensely thankful for them to be alive.


I wish to have the same influence that they have on the world, which is why I strive to impact people positively through this blog. I could easily turn this into a profit machine, and I certainly have used this blog to make a profit, which should be done to measure my impact on the world. I desire to be of service to those who do not know what it means to see money from the other side. I am sure that there is more that I know about money than you. Just as Robert and Kim know much more about money than me, I am sure I probably know more about money than you if you are reading this blog in awe. In fact, I am pretty sure that is a lot that I do not know about money than the top, top, top, 0.0000001% of people of this planet. They know more about money than me, because if I knew what they knew, I would be where they are, or I am just lazy, which I am not.


You can find more about financial education on my About Financial Freedom page.